July 24, 2014

Life Support

Life Support
by Candace Calvert

I've now read all 6 of Calvert's books and I really love them. This book is part of the Grace Medical series but she also wrote a series called Mercy Hospital. I have to admit that I liked the Mercy Hospital books just a little bit better but really I've loved all of them.

I've always loved the TV show Grey's Anatomy. I know I probably shouldn't since it isn't the cleanest show out there but I'm a sucker for the medical dramas.

Thankfully Calvert's books give me the same wonderful medical drama fix without all of the inappropriate drama and sex! She does a great job of writing intriguing stories with great love stories and plenty of life saving without wasting any of our time with inappropriate relationships and so much sex.

I really liked this book because it also brought a little bit of controversy to the table with the title of Life Support. The main male character's brother has a traumatic brain injury and often has trouble breathing due to asthma complications. Unfortunately that makes some people think that he might be better off if they didn't continue to intervene to prolong his life. Thankfully his brother always stands up for him and they find him a good home to live in where the nurses even help him use an iPad to text!

I really think that if you like medical dramas on TV that you'll love all of Calvert's books!

July 23, 2014

The Waiting

The Waiting

This story is quite amazing. I do love stories about adoption and I also love real-life stories of reunions. Minka loved her daughter more than you can imagine but due to unfortunate experiences in her life she was pretty much forced to place her for adoption. From giving her up in 1929 to 1906 when she was reunited with her Minka never stopped loving her daughter. In fact during the first 18 years of her life she kept writing her letters that were placed into a file with the government.

I really loved the true devotion that Minka felt toward her daughter even though she was unable to raise her. And I truly felt bad for her that something so awful happened to her with such a heartbreaking ending. But I'm glad that Ruth's adoptive parents took such good care her!

If you like true life stories and love reunions I'm sure you'll love this amazing story

July 15, 2014

Heart of the Country

Heart of the Country

If this book (and it's movie counterpart) don't make you tear up at least a little bit then I'll be surprised. I watched the movie before I read the book because I didn't realize there was a book at first and I was in the mood to watch a chick flick but I still got the book to read too!

Usually I prefer to read the book first but this time it was kind of neat to have seen the movie and to have a background for the book. there are many parts that were different but not so different that the movie ruined the book.

This is a great story of forgiveness. So many people had to forgive each other in this book I don't even know if I could accurately list all of the broken relationships that were mended throughout this book. The main ones though were father/daughter, sisters, and husband and wife.

When Faith has no where else to turn she returns to her childhood home and her father lovingly takes her in. He could have locked her out and told her to stay away but just like the story of the Prodigal Son in the Bible he practically threw her a party when she came home. Thankfully in the end many differences amongst the characters that seemed irreconcilable in the beginning are resolved and the book has a very loving ending even if it isn't 100 percent happy.

I highly recommend this book but I also very highly recommend the movie too. I especially think you'd like the movie if you like country music as Jana Kramer is the star of the movie :)