November 26, 2015

Fatal Reunion

Fatal Reunion
by Jessica R Patch

This was my first book by Patch but I loved it! Before this year I didn't often try new authors. I guess I was scared to spend time reading a book by someone I'd never heard of. But ever since I started reviewing more books and trying new authors I've grown to really enjoy discovering new favorites!

Fatal Reunion is a Love Inspired Suspense that will release on Jan. 1, 2016 but you can click the link at the top where the title is to pre-order it through Amazon for Kindle or paperback. The best part about the Love Inspired books is they aren't expensive but are still really good books!

This was a great suspense! It had a great balance of love story and suspense along with just the right amount of spirituality. I appreciated that no one in the book pretended to be perfect and all were realistic characters. I really liked Piper's character. She had a lot to learn - especially about trusting God and reading along her journey was really quite the page turner. Luke's character was super over protective but I suppose that is part of being a detective.

What I loved the most about this book is that I didn't figure out who the bad guy was! I honestly was completely surprised and that doesn't happen to me very often when I'm reading. I also loved the love story. The Love Inspired books always have a great love story while still being good clean romance!

I would love to see Eric's story next!

The author provided me a digital copy in exchange for my honest review

November 25, 2015

The Wedding Chapel

The Wedding Chapel
by Rachel Hauck

I read all of the Royal Wedding series by Hauck and loved them so I was really excited to read another "wedding" book by Hauck.

Unfortunately this book almost lost me with the first chapter. I really had to force myself to keep reading. In the end the story was good I just don't usually keep reading books that take me a third of the book to get into.

I also don't usually read books that jump around as much as this one did. I find it very hard to concentrate on books that jump back and forth between two different time periods and two different people's points of view let alone a book like this one that told the story from four different character's perspectives in two different times.

The charming story of why the chapel was built was a great read though. I did appreciate that in the end the chapel brought love back into people's lives. I also liked how it brought forth honesty in relationships. I always like books where struggling relationships work out so that was another great quality of this book.

All in all this book was good, but not a new favorite of mine.

I received a digital copy of this book through the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

November 22, 2015

The Captive Imposter...and links to giveaways!

The Captive Imposter
by Dawn Crandall

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Another great book from Dawn Crandall! This is her third book and while technically you could read it without reading books one and two I really wouldn't advise it. You understand so much more about the characters if you read them in order!

As I read more and more from Crandall I realize how much I love her writing but I especially love the titles of her books. They fit so perfectly with her books! Sometimes titles seem to me as if they were an afterthought or just something to throw on the cover but with Crandall's work I truly feel the titles were meant for the books.

I really fell in love with Dexter in this book. He really is the perfect hero who is patient, kind, loving, protective, and strong. Oh, and a good preacher too! The only downside in my opinion to his character was his lack of flaws. But I do occasionally love a book where the guy is "perfect." Elle is a wonderful addition to Crandall's heroines. I appreciated her flaws and her doubts and enjoyed watching her learn to love and trust again especially as her spiritual life improved.

The relationship between Dexter and Elle in this book is quite intriguing. Definitely a good example of how hard it is for men and women to be "just friends" and I must admit if they had actually pulled off "just friends" I would have been disappointed. I loved watching their friendship evolve into love especially in the awkward moments! Those moments made the story seem more realistic.

This book was nearly impossible to put down. I was on edge waiting to see what would happen with Elle and if she would be kept safe. I also couldn't wait to see if I would discover a happily ever after ending. If you love historical romance with just a touch of suspense this book is a great read.

The author provided me with an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.